Where can LPNs Work?

For years, licensed practical nurses (LPNs) have remained a vital part of medical units at facilities across the country. As outlined in one of our recent blog posts, LPNs are employed in a multitude of healthcare environments, all offering different patient care experiences. From competitive pay to rewarding career opportunities, here are some of the settings to consider if you’re seeking a new LPN position:


Home health care settings.

LPNs are increasingly needed in a home health capacity as life expectancy has increased, and there are more elderly people than ever before living at home. LPNs frequently provide home care services, including medical, therapeutic, and personal services. LPNs work within patients’ homes to assist them with medical management and equipment as necessary. They play a vital role on a patient’s medical team, working closely with physicians and other providers to facilitate ongoing comprehensive care.


Nursing homes and residential care facilities.

With the population at nursing homes and residential care facilities rising every year, LPNs are in growing demand. Many patients at these centers have serious medical needs, making LPNs invaluable members of these organizations. LPNs work directly with other healthcare providers to treat patients and provide case management to improve patients’ quality of life.


Hospitals and physicians’ offices.

Hospitals and physicians’ offices are common work settings for LPNs, with these facilities offering many growing employment opportunities. Working directly with patients’ doctors, LPNs have many responsibilities, including administering medication; tracking patients’ symptoms; and communicating with physicians on patients’ behalf. For LPNs who enjoy working in fast-paced healthcare environments, hospitals and physicians’ offices tend to be very appealing.


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