A Day in the Life of an LPN

Are you in the process of exploring jobs in healthcare? Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) are a critical part of any healthcare team, as they support the work of doctors and registered nurses for patients with all types of medical conditions. Working in different capacities, LPNs provide basic nursing care in many healthcare settings, accompanying healthcare providers in all treatment areas. Here’s a breakdown of what’s involved in an LPN career:


What do LPNs do?

LPNs perform many daily tasks, including monitoring patients’ health status; assisting patients with bathing or dressing; discussing treatment concerns with patients; reporting patient feedback or problems to physicians; and maintaining patient records. To be successful in an LPN role, it’s essential to have many soft skills, including empathy; attention to detail; patience; and strong communication.


Where do LPNs work?

LPNs work in various medical settings to assist healthcare teams in caring for patients. Some of the most common facilities that employ LPNs include hospitals; nursing homes and residential care facilities; home health care centers; physicians’ offices; and outpatient surgery centers. Depending on your background, area of expertise, and preferences, you can choose a work environment that affords you the most rewarding and fulfilling career experience.


What is the outlook for LPNs?

There is major growth potential for LPNs, making it an appealing healthcare career path for emerging professionals. With many opportunities for advancement, LPNs are increasingly in high demand as patient populations across the country continue rising. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for LPN positions is projected to increase by approximately 9 percent by 2030. For professionals seeking long-term career prospects, LPN jobs offer ample opportunities for success and high earning potential!


Are you ready to take on a career as an LPN?

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