Career Options for Those with Medical Backgrounds

You enjoy working in healthcare, but you’re considering a change of pace. So, what else can you do? Here are 5 career options for those with medical backgrounds.


Possible Career Options for Those with Medical Backgrounds


  • If You Want to Offer More Individualized Care…
    Instead of working with multiple patients in hospitals or facilities, some medical professionals provide care right in patients’ own homes. Home Health Aides (HHAs) train specifically for this type of setting. However, CNAs and RNs also may deliver in-home care.
  • If You’re Looking for a Greater Professional Challenge…
    Advancing from an HHA to a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or from a CNA to an RN (Registered Nurse) may be easier than you think. Often, established professionals receive credit for the training they already have. For example, an experienced CNA may be able to complete a RN degree in 3 ½ years rather than 4.
  • If You’d Like to Share Your Medical Knowledge…
    That’s right. Healthcare professionals can be teachers too! Health education specialists may be responsible for anything from highly specialized medical training in hospitals to community wellness initiatives.
  • If You’re Ready for an Office Job…
    Even in a medical setting, someone must handle the paperwork. Medical records and health information specialists organize and code patients’ medical files. Strong computer and customer service skills are essential for these roles.
  • If You’re Hoping to Become Involved in Research…
    What’s next? That’s the question researchers want to answer. Although most medical scientists hold advanced degrees, research facilities and labs also need managers, coordinators and technicians.


Top Tips for Switching Careers


  • Choose a Path
    Start by identifying a new career path that inspires you. You could build off one of the ideas above. Or explore the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic’s complete list of healthcare occupations.
  • Volunteer or Job Shadow
    Even if you think you know exactly what you what to do, try to gain some real-life experience. This will give you a better idea of what type of role you’re truly pursuing. Many medical facilities actively recruit volunteers and/or support job shadow programs.
  • Identify Transferrable Skills
    Most likely you have lots of transferrable technical and soft skills. Make a list and identify cross-career similarities. Then, zero in on your strongest qualifications.
  • Rework Your Resume
    You’ll want your resume to match your hoped-for career. Therefore, you’ll probably need to do some editing. Use these resume tips to achieve the best results.
  • Search for Entry-Level Positions
    Finally, you’re ready to launch your job hunt! Search for entry-level positions in your new chosen field either on the job boards or through your network. Or, for a power move, partner with a recruiter or staffing agency. They’ll automatically match you with best-fit roles, so you can focus on landing not endlessly searching for a job.


Are You a Medical Professional Who Looking for a New Opportunity?

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