How to Find Entry-Level Healthcare Jobs

You’re starting off your nursing career, but every position requires experience. Are you stuck? Not at all. Use these strategies to find entry-level healthcare jobs.


Tips for Finding Entry-Level Healthcare Jobs


Use Your Network

Even if you lack the listed experience, many organizations will overlook exact requirements IF someone refers you. After all, research shows referred candidates tend to stay at positions longer and perform better. So, how do you form these connections? It may be easier than you think. Simply, activate your network. Inform your friends, family, and acquaintances you are looking for a job. You even can advertise your search on your social media channels. Enlisting the help of others is a wonderful way to expand your reach. You never know who might know someone who works at a facility that is hiring.


Consider Untraditional Roles

Landing a full-time nursing job in a large, well-respected hospital may be a stretch for a first-time applicant. However, there are lots of healthcare jobs that require little to no experience. Possibilities include home care aides, travel nurses, and temporary assignments. You can use these roles to boost your resume as well as your network. In addition, if you like an organization (and they like you), often they’ll offer you a permanent position. In other words, this is a chance for you to build your career while earning a paycheck.


Partner with Staffing Agency

Connecting with a staffing agency is a job-hunting power move. Instead of looking for jobs on your own, let the staffing firm do the heavy lifting for you. When you meet with a recruiter, they’ll review your expertise and career interests. Then, they’ll match you with either a hoped-for role or positions that allow you to work toward your dream job. This is especially beneficial if you are taking on short-term contract roles. Rather than worrying about what’s next, you can depend on the recruiter to set up your newest assignment for you. And as a bonus, employment agencies charge companies NOT candidates. Therefore, you’ll receive all this extra assistance free of charge. All you need to do is show up to work!


Are You Looking for Your First Healthcare Job?

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