How to Stay Organized as a Home Health Professional

When you work in home health care, you have lots of responsibilities. After all, you may have multiple clients in various locations plus a rotating schedule. Are you having trouble juggling all these duties? These tips will help you stay organized as a home health professional.

Tips to Stay Organized as a Home Health Professional

Create a Calendar

Even a basic calendar will improve your organization and time management. A calendar especially is useful if you log irregular shifts. Begin each week by adding your work hours (plus time for administrative tasks) to your calendar. Although a paper copy is fine, there are benefits to computerized versions. Both Apple Calendar (iPhone) and Google Calendar (Android) come free with your phone. Google Calendar also is available through a free Gmail account. Electronic calendars allow you to set up recurring events, share your work hours with your family, pull up directions, and more. For example, let’s say you see a client every Monday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. You can enter the event once and then set it to repeat. That way, it’s automatically on your schedule so you don’t have to worry about double or overbooking.


Keep a Notebook

If you’re taking care of multiple clients, you’ll need to keep notes. Avoid jotting down comments on a scrap piece of paper that you can’t find later. Instead, buy a spiral or 3-ring notebook. Then, use dividers or sticky tabs to create a section for each patient. (If you’re on a budget, most discount stores carry these products.) Now, you’ll have easy-to-update and easy-to-find information on every individual in your care. And don’t forget to carry a pen with your notebook too.


Clean Your Car

When you’re a home health care professional, your car is your office. And it may be time for a cleaning project. If your car requires some TLC, set aside an evening or a weekend to tackle the job. Take everything out of your vehicle, declutter and reorganize. Once you’ve removed unnecessary items, think about how to design more a convenient storage system. Amazon, Target, and The Container Store all sell affordable bins, caddies, and trunk organizers. So rather than spending ten minutes looking for sanitizing wipes, you simply can pull them from the “Cleaning Supplies” compartment.


Are You Organized Enough to Tackle New Home Health Care Job Opportunities?

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