Time Management Tips for Home Care Aides

Have you been looking for a few extra hours in your day to get your tasks done? This might be the time to remember that the time you have must be spent wisely. It’s easy to get to the end of the day and wonder where the time went. As a home health aide, your days are hectic and filled with challenges. Let’s figure out strategies to help you get your tasks done, work smarter and be sure you’re home with your own family at the end of the day.


Make a Plan But Be Flexible

Of course, the key to any organization is to have a plan. However, as you’re well aware, working in healthcare means you also need to be flexible. Emergencies are not planned, and your client may not always cooperate as you’d like. Prioritize the key tasks you need to accomplish; estimate how much time each will take and then plan out the day accordingly.

Prioritizing the key tasks helps you to stay on track when your client has special needs, or you’d like to spend more time enjoying their company. Organizations give you options to spend your valuable time in ways that benefit your client and you.


Be Prepared

No matter how good the plan is if you don’t have everything you need to execute – in other words if you’re not prepared – you’ll waste precious time backtracking to get the supplies, directions, or phone numbers you need to finish your day. This is an essential task as you consider the following strategies.

Manage Your Schedule

It’s important to block out time in your day for administrative tasks and to keep an accurate schedule of the visit and the time it takes. Over time, this documentation helps you to improve your estimate of how long tasks will take and helps you to create a more meaningful and manageable schedule.

Keep Up With Your Documentation

Although the paperwork feels like the last thing you want to do before you leave your client’s home, when you let it build up it becomes overwhelming. Be honest with your patient and let them know that you need to get your paperwork done at their home so that you don’t forget to document anything, and you ensure they get the best possible care.

Take Care of Yourself

This tactic may not sound like it belongs on a list of organizational tools, but without getting enough sleep and proper nutrition, it will be very difficult for you to manage your time and make the most of your day. Create a habit of getting enough sleep and eating a balanced diet, which helps you to stay healthy and take better care of yourself, your clients and your family.



Need Help Getting Organized? Anodyne Is Here to Help!

Remember to take common-sense steps to stay organized and productive. This includes keeping a positive attitude and taking care of your health. At Anodyne, we are committed to helping you make the most of your workday. Call our professional recruiters today – we can help you find your next healthcare job!