Good Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

When you’re planning for an interview, you usually focus on what questions you’ll need to answer. However, don’t forget to consider good questions to ASK during a job interview too. Here are five inquires to help you gather information and stand out from other candidates.


Questions to ASK During an Interview:

What Does a Typical Day on the Job Involve?

It’s important to know exactly what you’re getting into. Unfortunately, job descriptions often don’t tell the whole story. Asking the interviewer to walk you through a typical day clarifies what will be expected of you. As a result, you can better evaluate the position. If you feel you need even more information, you also could inquire about long-term goals. For example, “What would you expect me to accomplish in my first three, six, or nine months?”


Are There Any Opportunities for Professional Development?

In a constantly changing world, businesses need employees who are life-long learners. Expressing an interest in professional development highlights your willingness to advance your skills. You don’t want to land a job and stagnate. You’re hoping to gain new knowledge, try new things, and excel. Additionally, this question allows you to assess the company. After all, if an organization isn’t committed to investing in their employees, you’d probably be better off somewhere else.


What Are the Characteristics of Someone Who Would Succeed in This Role?

This question serves two purposes as well. First, it helps you determine if you’re a good fit for the position. (Do the characteristics the interviewer mentions match your skillset?) Second, it makes you look thoughtful and conscientious. You aren’t simply planning to accept any old role. You’re searching for a job that’s a good fit.


I Heard Your Company [Insert Interesting Fact]. Could You Tell Me More?

Mentioning something specific about the organization is a wonderful way to distinguish yourself from the competition. You would like to know more about the company AND you took the time to do your research. This shows you are enthusiastic, hardworking and motivated. Plus, this question assists with your fact-collecting efforts. Learning about recent awards, new product lines, and/or notable accomplishments gives you an idea of how well an organization is performing. If the business seems to be struggling, you may decide to apply elsewhere.


What Is Your Favorite Part About Working Here?

The conversation doesn’t need to be all about you. Find out what the interviewer loves about the company. You can lighten the mood while also gaining valuable insights. If the interviewer hesitates or stumbles over their response, chances are, this is NOT a place where you’ll want to work.


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