Why Integrity and Healthcare Go Hand-in-Hand

When patients require medical services, they must be able to trust those who serve them. This helps to build relationships and promote healing. Therefore, successful organizations understand integrity and healthcare go hand-in-hand.

Patients Need to Know Their Providers Will…

Offer Compassionate Care

When people are ill, they may feel sad, discouraged or even angry. Compassionate caregivers are empathic. They recognize these emotions are natural. Therefore, they don’t judge people for being uncooperative or grumpy. Instead, they acknowledge different patient personalities and guide individuals toward achieving more positive outcomes.

Provide the Proper Diagnosis

Medical professionals are trained to recognize diseases, and sometimes a diagnosis brings bad news. Nevertheless, patients need to have faith in their caregiver’s knowledge and judgment. Healthcare providers, meanwhile, should be prepared to tell the truth in a gentle and supportive way.

Catch and Correct Mistakes

Even the most skilled and talented healthcare providers make a mistake every now and again. And in a medical setting, a single slip-up can be the difference between life and death. Thus, caregivers must be honest with themselves and admit to their lack of perfection. They should accept criticism, question unexpected outcomes, and work together to correct (not cover up) errors.

Keep Their Best Interests at Heart

Medical settings deliver numerous options. There are complicated and simple procedures, expensive and cheaper medications as well as risky and less risky treatment plans. Ultimately, healthcare professionals need to make decisions with the patient’s best interests in mind. They shouldn’t choose what’s more convenient for them or more profitable for the institution. And often, these choices aren’t clear-cut. For example, a provider may disagree with a patient, and yet still carry out their wishes.

Do the Right Thing

Patients are vulnerable. And unfortunately, it’s easy for someone to take advantage of this fear and/or helplessness. As a result, healthcare providers must have strong moral principles. They must be willing to do the right thing even when the wrong thing is tempting.

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