When Should I Hire a Home Health Aide?

Trying to care for a loved one can put an enormous strain on your life and your health. Sometimes, you need extra assistance. So, when should you hire a home health aide?

Signs You Need to Hire a Home Health Aide

  • Your Loved One Requires Extra Help or Supervision
    Maybe your loved one is becoming forgetful? Maybe they can’t keep up with their housekeeping? Or maybe they are lonely? Whatever the situation, you need to check in on them at least once if not several times a day.
  • Your Loved One Want to Stay in Their Own Home
    Despite their struggles, your loved one does NOT want to leave. They would prefer to age in place. Or, if they are near the end of life, moving them may be unnecessarily stressful.
  • You Can’t Do This by Yourself
    You have a job, a family and lots of other responsibilities. There aren’t enough hours in the day for you to care for your loved one and do everything else. And, since your other relatives live out of town, you can’t split the workload.
  • You Are Feeling Overwhelmed
    Even if you seem to be handling things on the outside, your schedule is crushing you. You may resent your loved one for taking up your time. Or you may feel frustrated, angry, sad or depressed. These emotions are all-natural, and it’s important to understand when you are reaching your breaking point. After all, if you’re neglecting to care for yourself, you won’t be able to provide quality care to someone else.
  • You Aren’t Spending Time with Your Loved One
    You race to your loved one’s house, rush through chores and, when you’re done, you run out the door. Then, it hits you. You hardly had a chance to say “Hello.” Once again, this is where a home health aide can help. They’ll take care of the everyday duties, so you can focus on spending precious time with your loved one.

What Is a Home Health Aide or HHA?

A Home Health Aide (HHA) is someone who cares for people in their homes. Although HHAs usually don’t have medical training, most states require them to complete a certification program. Home health aides assist with everything from personal grooming to housekeeping to running errands.

How Hire an HHA?

There are two ways to hire an HHA. You can find someone on your own or work through an agency. If there is someone you know and trust, you may feel comfortable hiring privately. However, keep in mind, as the employer, you will be responsible for background checks, payroll taxes, and more. When you hire through an agency, they take care of the paperwork. In addition, an agency gives you scheduling flexibility. For example, if your HHA calls in sick, you’ll automatically receive a substitute from their trusted staff.


Could You Use Some Extra Assistance Caring for a Loved One?

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