How Do I Begin the Process of Finding Home Healthcare?

Most seniors prefer to age at home as it allows them to stay in a familiar environment as they grow older. However, as your loved one ages their health issues may become so complicated you cannot effectively care for them alone any longer. When you find yourself in need of help, you might feel challenged and overwhelmed, questioning where to begin to find quality home health care. Although it may feel daunting, there are steps you can take to find the right home care agency to provide assistance for your loved one.


Should You Hire In-home Assistance Through an Agency or on Your Own?

Although it’s perfectly reasonable to believe you can find health care providers to care for your loved one at home, there are significant advantages to using a home health agency. Imagine you’re getting ready to leave for work or an interview but your loved one at home is not safe to stay alone. The caregiver you rely on to provide assistance and supervision has not arrived and if you leave, you may be leaving your loved one in danger. Unfortunately, this can be a common problem when you hire an individual independently. However, when you hire through Anodyne, we work with you and your care providers to ensure your loved one remains in a safe and healthy environment. Additionally, we provide benefits for our employees, as well as handle paperwork and background checks before sending them out to your home.


What Steps Should I Take to Find the Right Agency?

As with most other service-driven businesses, you’ll want to seek out recommendations from friends and family to find a trusted agency who has experienced arranging and caring for people just like your loved one. Check with your physician, nurses and others who work in the industry for recommendations. Consult your local community agencies providing resources to the aging as they can also help provide recommendations.

Once you have a list of agencies, start your research. Depending upon what your loved one may require, you may choose one agency over another. Remember, your loved one may need to increase the level of care they receive overtime, so as you choose your agency, ensure they can adjust to rising levels of care. Look for testimonials of people who have worked with the agency and call the agencies to see if you can speak with current clients. While everybody’s experience is different, multiple complaints about a similar issue should raise a red flag.

Once you have narrowed the field, it’s time to start making phone calls and setting up interviews. Just like a potential employer would interview you for a job, you are interviewing the agency to confirm which provider may be the best choice for you and your family. Be sure you check to see providers have background checks, are provided ongoing training and the agency will provide a consistent caregiver as well as someone to oversee their care.


Are You Ready to Interview Anodyne?

Choosing the right home health agency is a big decision for you and your family. Take your time investigating options and asking questions. Our staff are available to speak with you, answer your questions and provide you with references. Contact us today and let’s get started finding the right care provider for your loved one!