A Family’s Bond Will Survive Social Distancing

A family’s love for each other has survived wartime, sickness, and distance. Thankfully, we have that history to depend on in the current SARS-Cov-2 pandemic that has changed the way we celebrate birthdays, graduations, and weddings. Each of these familiar rituals have taken on new meanings and challenged us to create innovative ways of celebrating and connecting with family and friends.

In Levittown, Long Island teachers organized a two-hour drive parade past each of their elementary students home, honking and displaying signs of how much the students were missed in the classroom. Forty-six members of the staff at school participated. But this wasn’t the only school that organized the display for their students.

Weddings and Birthdays are Taking to the Street

In New York, one couple was married in the street as the officiant conducted the ceremony from their fourth-floor apartment. The public in the street maintained social distance and were privy to what would have otherwise been held for a limited number of guests. Other couples have been married in their homes, while their guests watched the ceremony live streaming over Zoom.

As the lockdown was initiated across the world, children’s birthday parties were canceled, and young children, unable to truly understand the reason for the cancellation of their special party, were heartbroken. But for some, friends, family, and neighbors found unique and memorable ways of celebrating with their special children.

In one town, learning little Mirek’s birthday was cancelled, the neighbors began putting up signs around her home, leaving gifts on the doorstep and coloring the family’s steps and porch in chalk. When bakeries are closed, some families have resorted to making their own funny cakes, including one family who made a birthday cake in the shape of, and decorated as, toilet paper!

Turning 93, Ms. Kathryn thought her birthday would be overlooked as she was in a residential care home where she and the other residents were not allowed visitors. Not to be deterred from celebrating this milestone birthday, her family made huge signs they taped on the outside of her window and stood outside singing happy birthday. The staff served the cake, while she watched and listened to her family outside the window. It may not have been the birthday she wanted, but it will be one they all remember – the day her family showed her just how much she was loved and missed.

Online Parties Include Dancing, Cake and Music

During the pandemic, the number of people using Zoom has strained the company’s resources. Overnight there were weddings, birthdays, get together and church meetings happening around the world. The free version allows you and several of your close friends and family to gather together on one screen. You can see and hear each other just as if you’re in the same room.

Some are getting creative by holding dance parties, playing board games (with each person having the same game in their home and making all the moves), or reading their grandchildren bedtime stories. In some ways, the quarantine has prompted more people to make an effort to get in touch and stay in touch with each other.


Stay Connected. Stay Strong!

Family is everything! At Anodyne, we’ll work to help you maintain that connection with loved ones and enjoy happier times. While our first priority is the safety and well-being of our employees, clients, and those we serve, we’re also dedicated to helping you and your family weather the storm “together”.