Is It Time to Hire Home Care for My Parents?

Where we call home is different for each of us. For some, your parents may have lived in the same house for the last 50 years, while for others they’ve moved into a senior-only apartment building or in with you. However, no matter where your parents live, at some point most will need care to help them stay at home.

How Do You Know If Your Parents Need Care at Home?

Getting older does not automatically mean your parents will require home care. In some instances, as parents age, they lose the ability to do the things they used to do, and mobility, memory and independence can diminish with age. By its very nature, aging can bring about mental and physical changes that interfere with an active lifestyle. However, changes in function do not necessarily mean your parent must move to an assisted living facility. It may just mean it’s time for a little extra help so they can age in place.

Recognizing the Signs That Home Care Might Be Needed

If you notice a change in appearance or the level of cleanliness they typically keep, this may indicate a decline in physical or mental status. Even subtle changes, such as unopened mail piling up or wearing wrinkled clothing when your mother was always meticulous about her appearance, may be subtle signs of a decline in functional ability.

It’s a little easier to notice changes when you first walk in. For instance, not keeping up their home, living in clutter or unsanitary conditions are clear warning signs your parent may need help. If there isn’t enough food in the refrigerator or you notice your mom or dad has lost weight or has unexplained bruising, this may indicate a loss of mobility or motivation to eat. It’s important to check any medications to be sure they’re still taking them and notice any deviation from personal hygiene routines.

Why Consider Home Care?

Bringing a caregiver into your parent’s home is not an indication they have lost their ability to be independent, but rather a way for you to care for your parents and show them the respect they’ve earned by helping them to age at home. Many worry their children will put them into an assisted care facility, while the children worry how to coordinate care while taking care of their other obligations. Having a home care worker for your parent gives you peace of mind. Before sending someone into your home, we do criminal background checks and skill assessments to be sure they’re able to care for your parent the way they deserve.


Our Professional Assistance and Personal Touch Make a World of Difference

Whether your parents live with you or on their own, assistance from our home health care professionals can give your parents the emotional and logistical assistance they need. From dispensing medication to helping with showering and dressing to providing emotional and mental stimulation, our home care professionals give your parents a personal touch that allows them to stay in their own home and often become a trusted ally for the rest of the family.

Contact us at Anodyne to begin the process of evaluating whether your parents could benefit from a home health care professional to assist in their daily living and we’ll offer a unique and personalized plan of care to keep your parents at home.