How To Encourage Seniors To Exercise

Exercise is foundational to good health. As more seniors are aging at home, the importance of remaining physically active cannot be overstated. Physical activity and core strength help to reduce the risk of falls that often come with long-term negative consequences for the elderly. It is important to recognize the difference between movement and exercise as you work towards motivating your loved one toward both. Each strategy provides unique health benefits that help your loved one to live longer and healthier. Here are some specific tips to help motivate your loved one to remain active and exercise.


Help Your Loved One Recognize the Value

In nearly every instance in which you wish to motivate someone to get something done, they must first value the action in order to desire taking action. Too often, seniors who live at home have gotten into a consistent routine that doesn’t allow them to imagine life could be different. Help your parent see how exercise and movement can improve their ability to get out more and see their friends, reduce the risk of falls, enjoy social interactions and even enable them to care for a small pet. Once they value the strategy of exercise and motion, they’re more likely to be motivated.


Develop Small, Manageable Goals

When a senior spends most of their time seated, it’s difficult to imagine how they may be able to go shopping with their friends one day. By developing manageable goals, it increases the potential they will be successful. Make the goals relevant to their current situation and their future desires. For instance, if your loved one would like to be able to go to dinner with friends but spending that much time away from home makes them too tired, it’s important to start small.

Begin by setting a goal to walk throughout their home throughout the day. The next step may be to take short walks throughout the neighborhood, then a short car trip to the park for a walk and finally out to dinner with friends. It may take a couple of months to achieve the goal, but once achieved, it develops greater motivation to achieve even more.


Show Your Loved One How Technology Can Help

Although you may be familiar with smartphones and apps, your loved one may not. Spend time showing them how social networks and smartphone apps can help them achieve their goals. By networking with other seniors, it can help improve their motivation. Smartphone apps can help track their steps throughout the day, provide motivational messages, and track their goals.


Integrate Feelings of Usefulness

Unfortunately, our society does not value the wisdom and experience that comes with age. Too often, seniors feel as if they’ve been left by the wayside with so much more to give and nowhere to give it. By engendering a sense of usefulness, even if their physical function is limited, you can help improve their motivation for movement and exercise. The Small Business Association, local residential facilities, and even local libraries are all places where your loved one may be able to share their time and gifts with others.


Call Anodyne to Help Encourage Your Loved One

It is sometimes challenging to be the one motivating and encouraging a loved one. Call Anodyne today and let us expertly motivate your family member to move and exercise, so they enjoy significant health and social benefits.