New Year’s Resolutions for A Healthier Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle will reap positive rewards. Making simple changes may have a positive impact on the whole family. While you may be motivated to make changes for your loved one, you’ll find by incorporating them into everyone’s life, greater health reduces your dependence on medications and increases your ability to enjoy everyday activities.


Think Big but Start with Small Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Making small changes often results in big rewards over time. One of the benefits of making minor changes is that it’s easier to do and maintain. In other words, if your family is in the habit of eating processed foods with each meal and drinking gallons of soda each week, it will be next to impossible to change everything for a whole food diet suddenly.

It is much easier to accomplish and maintain when you set small, measurable goals that move you toward a healthier lifestyle. In this instance, it may work to gradually reduce the amount of soda you purchase each week until everyone is drinking water. Next, pick one meal a week to cook only whole food and gradually increase the number until seven days a week you are eating food you cook and prepare from scratch.

The benefits of eating less – or eliminating – processed foods included a reduced risk of heart disease, easier weight maintenance, lower risk of Type 2 diabetes, stroke, and peripheral vascular disease. Gallstones, kidney stones, cancer, and neurological conditions are also associated with eating a poor diet. Most illnesses and disabilities can be traced to vitamin deficiencies, poor diet, and inflammation – all of which are interrelated.


Make a Plan but Be Flexible

Proper nutrition is about what is done consistently. This means that if you slip up once a week or twice a month, it won’t have the same negative impact that eating poorly every day will have. Make a plan to improve your healthy lifestyle with your family and loved ones and include giving each other grace when you have a bad meal or a bad day. Don’t try to make up for it the next day since this only makes it more difficult to stick with any plan.

Home care professionals can help you and your loved one to develop a strategic, reasonable, relevant, and measurable plan you can stick to. Professionals are available to answer your questions, help you change your plan over time, measure your successes and point you in the right direction may increase your level of success and ultimately reduce your dependence on the medical system.


Anodyne Medical Professionals Are There to Help You

Whether it’s to provide physical and emotional care or help develop a plan to improve your loved one’s overall health, the professionals at Anodyne are here to help. Enjoy better health every day by making small changes to your lifestyle choices. Call Anodyne to arrange a consultation today – we can help you help your loved ones!