Sample Interview Questions and Answers for LPN Job Candidates

Ready to take your nursing career to the next level? If you’re a licensed practice nurse (LPN) looking for a new job, you may know how intense the interview process can often feel. Whether you’re a seasoned LPN or new to nursing, you can never be too prepared for interviews! From promoting your credentials to differentiating yourself from the competition, your interview skills can often make or break your job search.

As you gear up for your next interview, check out these three sample questions and answers to help you prepare:


What are your top strengths as a candidate?

I have many skills that allow me to work successfully as an LPN in multifaceted medical settings. In addition to my clinical education and experience, my strengths include medical software knowledge, time management and organization, and attention to detail. Additionally, I am a very effective communicator with both coworkers and patients, as I strive to work closely with my patients’ medical teams to provide the best outcomes. With a commitment to delivering the highest quality care, I am constantly focused on demonstrating emotional intelligence in all my interactions with patients and other healthcare providers.


How well do you perform in stressful situations?

As a nursing professional accustomed to facing stress on the job, I can adapt to challenging situations that arise in a fast-paced healthcare setting. I can perform well both independently and with others on my shift to address urgent matters professionally and effectively that are in the best interest of my team and my patients. Most importantly, I am always prepared to take on additional responsibilities, such as covering for more patients if my team is understaffed. It’s always paramount to me that I maintain an assertive and professional composure when working under pressure to resolve an issue or navigate an unexpected crisis.


What are the most important qualities of an LPN?

While there are many important qualities for LPNs, some of the most crucial ones include communication, teamwork, and empathy. The best LPNs are compassionate to their patients and take the time to understand their unique medical circumstances. LPNs must be educated on how to deliver comprehensive patient-centered care alongside other providers. They must also respect all others in the healthcare profession, especially RNs, whom they must learn from and work with regularly.


By preparing answers to these common LPN interview questions, you’ll build your confidence and effectively showcase your abilities to employers!


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