Why Working with a Staffing Agency Makes Nurses Happier

If you’re a nursing professional, you’ve probably had many different positive and negative employment experiences. With so many types of healthcare employers and workplaces, the job search can often be daunting and tedious. Fortunately, the option to work with a staffing agency not only eases the stress of the job search but can make you happier with your employment outcomes. According to Indeed, competitive compensation, a flexible schedule, and valuable experience, are among some of the many benefits of working with a nursing staffing agency.

Here are some of the major factors staffing firms keep in mind when securing placements for nursing candidates:


Culture fit

First and foremost, staffing agencies work diligently to ensure their candidates are placed at facilities that offer the best culture fit for their professional interests, goals, and personalities. With toxic workplaces being a major driver of low job satisfaction among nursing professionals, this is one of the most invaluable aspects of partnering with a staffing agency that specializes in nursing. During the entire job search process, recruiters work closely with candidates to learn about their ideal work settings to make a match that’s mutually beneficial for both parties (the candidate and employer).


Salary expectations

As many healthcare facilities face financial hardships, many have chosen to cut salaries to benefit their bottom line. For nurses with certain salary expectations, working with a staffing firm can ensure they only spend time pursuing employers that meet their general pay guidelines. Recruiters screen all positions ahead of time to evaluate whether a position would align with a candidate’s compensation requirements. Staffing agencies will fully vet a position before recommending that a candidate take the time to interview or explore the opportunity.


Organizational support

No matter where you are in your nursing career, support from your employer should always be a priority for career growth and advancement. Because recruiters at staffing agencies are highly knowledgeable about different employers, they can often help you find jobs that offer the best professional development and mentorship opportunities. Sharing your career goals with your recruiter will provide the agency with the information they need to find the best prospective jobs for your specific needs and requests.


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