What Does a Warehouse Associate Do?

Have you been exploring new job options? With an influx of temporary and seasonal work at manufacturing and warehouse facilities, there’s never been a better time to explore warehouse associate jobs. Warehouse associates perform various functions, including customer service and manual labor.

Here are some of the main duties involved in a job as a warehouse associate:


Packing and shipping orders.

Most warehouse positions require packing and shipping items according to customers’ preferences and company guidelines. Staying organized and preparing orders efficiently is key to success as a warehouse worker. When packing items, warehouse associates typically must refer to work orders stating a product name or number, product description, and product quantity. Warehouse associates must be extremely detail-oriented in packing shipments properly and meeting customer and company specifications.


Operating heavy equipment.

Warehouse associates must operate many pieces of heavy equipment, including large machinery. Typically, associates must have operating machine experience to perform their jobs safely and effectively. From packing and shipping to supervising other staff, extensive knowledge about how to operate equipment is essential for most warehouse environments. Some employers even require licenses for operating certain pieces of equipment, such as a forklift.


Supervising staff.

Often, warehouse associates are responsible for supervising and managing staff in various capacities. This may involve delegating tasks, training employees on proper safety measures, and adhering to company regulations. Workers with solid communication skills and teamwork abilities often excel in leading others to meet goals and perform their jobs efficiently, such as instructing them on how to use inventory management software or following workplace regulations.


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