How to Get an Entry-Level Job in Basic Industries

Are you interested in pivoting careers? There are many emerging jobs in basic industries across the U.S., all with increasingly high worker demand. Basic industries – sectors that include light industrial, manufacturing, administration, and others – account for many open jobs in the current workforce. As you begin your job search, here are some of our top tips for how to secure an entry-level job in a basic industry:


Educate yourself about education, training, and experience requirements.

While there are often no formal educational or training requirements for many basic industry jobs, it’s essential to understand what every type of position entails in terms of general qualifications. For example, a customer service job may require previous experience working directly with customers in a similar setting. Or, an industrial job may require that you perform extensive physical labor for long or short periods. Depending on the role, some foundational requirements should be met to qualify as a viable candidate.


Take an open-minded approach to your job search.

It’s important to remember there are many types of jobs in basic industries that you may consider pursuing. There are a wide range of industries with numerous positions, including administrative, manufacturing, and light industrial – to name a few. As long as you’re open-minded to different work settings and environments, you’ll have more options in your job search, ultimately helping you land a placement that brings you optimal satisfaction.


Work with a staffing agency.

By working with a staffing agency, you can connect to dozens of job opportunities matching your interests and overall qualifications. Staffing firms like Anodyne specialize in placing candidates in positions that are the best fit for them, taking into account many factors, including location, scheduling preferences, and pay expectations. Utilizing professional staffing services will accelerate your job search and help you secure a position that aligns with your career goals and lifestyle needs.


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