The Future of Automation in Light Industrial Jobs

There’s no denying that automation has made an impact in many industries, and the light industrial sector is no exception. However, while automation has many positive effects on how jobs are performed, machines have not replaced light industrial roles that remain vital in the workplace. According to a recent article by McKinsey Global Institute, the need for technological, social, and emotional skills is expected to rise as the demand for physical and manual labor goes down due to automation. If you’re seeking light industrial work, here are some of the skills that can help you effectively adapt to the use of automation in the evolving workplace:



To utilize automation, you must exhibit strong communication skills within your work environment. Communicating with others collaboratively and constructively will allow you to face challenges and reach shared goals most efficiently without sacrificing the quality of your performance. Whether jointly operating a piece of machinery or learning from others’ expertise on the job, embracing communication and collaboration is imperative for thriving in an automated work setting.



Automated equipment and technologies will continually change, making it crucial that workers are adaptable and willing to learn new tools and skills as the workplace becomes altered. An ability to adjust to evolving situations, participate in new processes, and come back from setbacks, will be key for adapting to automation as it pertains to your job and the roles of others around you. The more you practice adaptability, the more resilient and confident you’ll become in automated work settings.



As automated processes and equipment progress, workers with a forward-thinking mindset will acquire the most valuable skills and qualifications in the workforce. In many ways, success with automation requires workers to be flexible in their thinking process. From applying innovative ideas to exploring different techniques and approaches in the work environment, forward-thinking employees will most likely advance in light industrial positions and become precious candidates to future employers.


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