Should My Aging Parent Continue to Live Alone?

Do you frequently stress about your aging parent living alone? There are many Americans who are faced with this situation and must make a decision about how to handle their elderly parents’ living conditions. According to AgingCare, there are many benefits of securing home care or assisted living services for an elderly parent, including safety and mobility; medical management; and transportation assistance – among several others. If you’re concerned about your aging parent living alone, here are some of the warning signs it may be time to explore a modified living arrangement:


Your parent cannot take care of their essential needs.

If your parent can no longer take care of their basic needs on their own – such as feeding, bathing, cooking, and taking prescribed medications – this is often first major sign that your parent needs additional care. While your parent may not need 24/7 help, home care assistance can provide the critical support they need to maintain their health without completely altering their quality of life. From cooking meals to running errands, home care providers assist patients with all their daily basic needs.


Your parent is in a fragile physical state.

If your parent has a medical condition or illness that could leave quickly leave them in a compromised state – such as experiencing a heart attack or stroke – they will likely need to have around-the-clock support. Your parent will probably benefit from a full-time provider at home or within a facility who can monitor them closely and call for necessary emergency medical services. This will prevent you and your family from constantly worrying if your parent’s health rapidly declines.


Your parent is lonely. 

In addition to being physically compromised, your aging parent may be mentally suffering from living alone. A home care provider can be a much-needed companion for your parent, providing emotional and social support. Through daily interactions and home visitations, home care providers serve as a major social outlet for elderly individuals who often experience loneliness and depression.


Remember, many options exist for an elderly parent who can no longer live alone. From part-time and full-time home care services to assisted living facilities, finding a living arrangement best suited for your loved one is essential.


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