Health and Safety Tips for Light Industrial Workers

Whether you’re new to the light industrial field or are a seasoned worker, there is always a benefit to brushing up on your health and safety knowledge. Refreshing yourself about current workplace policies will ensure you can perform your job without risking the health and safety of others on site. Here are some of the most important tips to keep in mind:


Take regular breaks.

There’s no reward for never taking a break on the job! Taking regular intervals during your shifts is essential for maintaining the clarity and focus needed to perform your job at a high level. In addition to your required lunch break, you should take 15-minute breaks as needed throughout the workday. Removing yourself from your workspace (taking a short walk or getting some water) can make a big difference in your ability to stay alert and aware of your workplace surroundings.


Educate yourself about your employer’s workplace safety policy.

Even if you’re familiar with basic health and safety protocols, knowing your employer’s formal workplace safety policy is important. Typically, workplace safety policies include guidelines on operating machinery properly, how and when to wear protective equipment, and what steps to take to prevent unsafe working conditions. The more aware you are about workplace safety, the easier it will be to identify potential hazards that can cause injury to you or others at your company.


Get regular medical check-ups.

When working in a job that requires physical labor, it’s essential to prioritize your health and make the time to get regular medical check-ups. Annual physicals will allow you to be seen by your primary care provider and get up-to-date on any necessary tests or screenings (such as bloodwork) related to your health conditions. In general, it’s critical to develop a strong partnership with your primary care provider who can address any future health issues or concerns, such as a medical emergency that occurs within your workplace.


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