How Do Home Care Providers Handle Emergency Situations?

Because home care providers often care for seniors and individuals with life-threatening diseases and medical issues, they must be prepared to handle a variety of emergencies. If you’re concerned about how an unexpected situation would be handled with your loved one, rest assured that home care providers are highly knowledgeable and prepared to deal with many types of emergencies regarding their patients. Here are some ways in which home care providers assist their patients during an emergency:


Consulting emergency contacts.

In most cases, home care providers immediately consult their patient’s list of emergency contacts in the event of an unforeseen situation. This gives peace of mind to patients’ families, as they can feel comfortable contacting them immediately if their loved one has a medical emergency. Before beginning care, home care providers must compile a list of at least two or three emergency contacts; for senior citizens, these contacts are usually children or grandchildren. During an emergency, the home care provider is expected to stay with their patient until medical help arrives.


Implementing life-saving techniques.

Home care providers are heavily trained in a wide range of life-saving techniques in the event of a patient emergency. Some of these techniques include the Heimlich maneuver, CPR, and resuscitation, to name a few. When caring for patients with certain medical conditions, a home care provider must be especially knowledgeable about emergencies that can frequently occur with their patient’s specific ailments. For example, a provider who cares for a patient with heart disease should fully understand the symptoms of a heart attack and be capable of performing chest compressions or administering life-saving medication.


Referring to patients’ medical records.

The most competent home care providers are familiar with their patient’s medical records and have complete access. Providers should know their patient’s scheduled doctors’ appointments, medications, complications, and ongoing treatment plans. If the patient needs to be rushed to the emergency room, the provider can offer medical personnel their records and necessary background information.


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