Why Is It So Hard to Find a Job in Boston?

Recent workforce reports are increasingly showing the challenges of securing employment. With hiring rates declining, there is expected to be greater competition for jobs in the months and years to come. As a job seeker, understanding some of the current challenges of finding employment will help you better navigate your job search. If you’re looking for a new position in the Boston area, here’s what you should know about the current job market:


More layoffs and budget cuts

With a looming pending recession in the U.S., many employers have made tough decisions this past year to lay off employees and cut down on their budgets. This has eliminated jobs in many industries, reducing the number of available employment opportunities for job seekers. As organizations continue to be cautious with their expenses and resources, job seekers will have a tougher time finding new openings.


Growth in specific industries and fields

Like many cities, specific industries and fields seem to experience more growth than others. Fortunately, healthcare is one of the fields that has continued growing rapidly throughout Boston. Nursing professionals and home care aids are in relatively high demand as hospitals and medical facilities experience increasing patient volume and mounting staffing needs. If you’re a registered nurse or experienced home care professional, you’ll have a better chance of landing a job that matches your qualifications and salary expectations.


Applicant tracking systems

Many employers now use sophisticated applicant tracking systems to screen candidates and assess their qualifications. The downside is that this software is designed to scan resumes for specific work experience, skills, and education. Because of this, many candidates with relevant abilities do not generate attention in the talent pool and are disregarded for interviews. As a job seeker, you must tailor your application materials and resume to get noticed by employers’ applicant tracking systems.


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