Why Home Care is a Great Alternative to Hospital Discharges During the Holidays

Most importantly, nobody wants to spend their holidays in a hospital, especially if they’re accustomed to being home with loved ones. With that being said, heading home too early may not always be the best idea. In general, research suggests that hospital discharges tend to be riskier around the holidays, with the rates of readmission and death statistically higher during the month of December. However, if you or a loved one is being discharged from the hospital during the peak of the holiday season, here are some of the benefits of home care to ensure a smooth transition:


Continued help and support.

During the holidays, hospitals are often understaffed and overburdened with high patient volumes. Many patients who no longer require 24/7 medical attention of a hospital can benefit from specialized one-on-one attention from a home care provider. From housekeeping and meal preparation to personal hygiene assistance, home care providers alleviate patients of chores and activities they can no longer perform.


Faster recovery.

Patients often experience faster recovery when they can heal at home rather than in a hospital setting. Home care promotes independence and maximum comfort, which is essential for empowering patients in the recovery process. When patients feel their best mentally and physically, they can return to their normal routines much quicker.


Care in the comforts of home.

Because home care services are provided right at a patient’s residence, patients can enjoy the comforts of home during the continuing course of their medical care and treatments. Home care providers can modify a patient’s living arrangements in their own space as needed, such as making room for specialized medical equipment or moving a bed to the first floor. Furthermore, receiving care right at home often improves the quality of life for many patients who may have suffered from loneliness and depression during their hospital stays.


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