How to Keep Yourself and Your Patients Healthy This Year

Are you and your patients ready for cold and flu season? Educating yourself and others about the best ways to stay healthy is key for navigating the cold weather months when illnesses are circulating most. As the winter is quickly approaching, here are some of the best tips for keeping yourself and your patients healthy this year:


Maintain proper hygiene.

In preventing illnesses, one of the biggest factors in our control is proper hygiene. Making a habit of regularly washing your hands, using hand sanitizer, and keeping your home clean, can make a major difference in preventing the spread of germs and keeping you and your family safe. When out in public, it’s especially important to adhere to these protocols and avoid putting your hands on your face.


Build your immune system.

If there’s any time to work on building your immune system, it’s before winter! There are many ways in which you can boost your immune system to make yourself less susceptible to illness. Following proper nutrition, exercising, and getting at least eight hours of sleep each night can help tremendously. Furthermore, taking vitamins and reducing your stress levels are also important for keeping your immune system strong.


Avoid crowded settings.

While concerts and sporting events are fun, these types of environments can heavily breed nasty germs! Whenever possible, it’s best to avoid crowded settings, especially during the wintertime when illness rates are at their highest. To avoid high-traffic places like grocery stores or restaurants, consider utilizing pick-up delivery services to decrease your exposure. Advising patients also to steer clear of crowded settings will help them stay healthy during peak times for the flu, COVID-19, and other common viruses.


By incorporating the practices above in your daily routine, you and your patients can maintain a healthy lifestyle while reducing your chance of getting sick.


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