Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing a Home Health Provider

Are you on the search for a home health provider? Finding a qualified provider you can trust can take time, especially if it’s your first time using a caregiver. Fortunately, asking the right questions can help you make the best choice medically and financially. Here are three questions to ask before choosing a health provider for yourself or a loved one:


What is your organization’s experience?

A health provider’s expertise is based largely on their years of experience and reputation in the home care industry. Asking how many years the organization has provided services and asking for referrals in your community will give you a sense of the provider’s longevity. Additionally, asking for documentation regarding liability coverage, HIPPA compliance, and patient/client rights is also critical in your assessment of a health provider.


What are the service capabilities?

Every at-home provider offers a different degree of care, which is why understanding your home service provider’s capabilities is so important. There are many facets to service capabilities, including 24/7 care; personal care services (such as bathing or housekeeping); transportation accommodations; private duty care services; and emergency procedures. Finding a provider who can provide services directed at your specific personal or medical needs will be key to finding the best caregiver.


What is the cost?

All home care providers have varying rates and fees, depending on service offerings and capabilities (such as medical or non-medical care), as well as length of shifts and time requirements. Finding a provider with rates within your budget may take some time and research. For instance, you may find providers that take your long-term care insurance or accept other forms of financial assistance. Cost is subjective for every individual; therefore, being honest about what you can afford – and identifying providers that can meet your needs – will allow you to make the best financial decision for you or your loved one.


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