How to Get a Job in Healthcare

You’re interested in science and medicine. You want to help others every day. You want your work to matter.  

It sounds like you’re looking for a career in healthcare.  

But how do you go about breaking into this field? It can seem daunting, especially if you have limited or no experience.  


Get the education.

Most jobs in healthcare require you to have at least some level of education, oftentimes past a high school diploma. But don’t worry – not every healthcare job requires a four-year Bachelor’s degree, or even a two-year degree. Many entry-level healthcare jobs only require a certification or completion of a program, and some have an even lower barrier to entry. It’s all about finding out what you’re looking to do and exploring the education that’s required to do it. Once you have that, you’ve set up the proper foundation for a rewarding career in the healthcare field. 


Consider your transferrable skills.

Remember: Even if you haven’t worked in the healthcare field yet, you may very well have transferrable skills that you’ve picked up from other industries. If you’ve worked in IT, for example, you have valuable computer skills that could translate into a healthcare IT job. People with customer service experience or administrative skills can prove invaluable in a medical facility’s records office or at the front desk. Play to your strengths when you’re trying to break into the healthcare field by keeping these transferrable skills in mind. 



It’s the age-old catch-22: How can you get the experience needed to land a healthcare job without having a job in which to gain experience? One way to go about it is to volunteer. Medical facilities are always in search of compassionate volunteers to help whenever they can. It will give you essential experience in the industry and add an important line to your resume at the same time. 



In any industry, networking can help you land a job. The healthcare field is no different. Join professional groups, attend industry conferences, and reach out to other professionals on sites like LinkedIn. Expanding and maintaining your professional network can pay dividends when it comes time to find a job in healthcare that you love.  


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