How to Prepare Your Loved One for In-Home Care

After much thought and discussion, you and your family have decided to hire a home healthcare provider. So, how can you prepare your loved one for in-home care? Here are three tips to make the transition easier.


Tips to Prepared Your Loved One for In-Home Care


Sell the Idea

While some people are open to hiring a caregiver, others may be adamantly opposed. They may argue, “I can take care of myself!” or “I don’t want a stranger in my house!” Therefore, avoid abrupt announcements such as, “We’ve just hired you a home health aide, and she starts tomorrow.” Rather slowly work toward introducing the idea of in-home care. For example, you could say…

  • “Aunt Betty has an HHA, and she loves having someone to help her around the house.”
  • “The doctor thinks it would be safer if you had someone here to assist with your medication.”
  • “Fixing your meals is hard on me. If we hired someone to do the cooking, I could spend more time talking to you.”

In other words, attempt to show them why and how this strategy could be beneficial. And hopefully, your loved one will warm up to the plan (or at least be less resistant).


Involve Your Loved One in the Process

Giving your loved one a say in the situation can encourage them to be more accepting. After all, they’ll feel like they have some control. Of course, the amount of involvement should vary from one individual to the next. For instance, if your loved one HATES the plan, including them in the interview process will only add unnecessary tension. However, you may decide to introduce them to your top two choices. Then, you could allow them to choose the caregiver they believe they would get along with best.


Begin Gradually

Having an unknown caregiver suddenly show up for an eight-hour shift can be stressful for an elderly or disabled person. Thus, try to slowly ease them into the new arrangement. You could start with an introductory meeting where you, your loved one, and the caregiver chat for about 30 minutes. Next, ask the caregiver to work a half shift or a whole shift with you there for half the time. Then after a few days, when your loved one seems more comfortable, move over to the new schedule.


Do You Need In-Home Care for a Loved One?

Anodyne Services would be happy to help you find an experienced homecare professional who can provide the coverage you need. We place caregivers, HHAs and CNAs with families throughout Eastern Massachusetts. Contact us today and our recruiters will walk you through the process!