Healthcare Internship Ideas

You’re interested in pursuing a medical career, and you’re looking for ways to build your resume. So, what are some options? Here are 5 healthcare internship ideas.


Top Healthcare Internship Options


Pre-Medical Internship

A pre-med internship can provide a future doctor, surgeon, or nurse practitioner with real-life insights into their hoped-for career. To this end, pre-med interns may shadow a practicing physician at a hospital or clinic and/or help with tasks. This provides them with a better understanding of medical environments, different specialties, and a doctor’s responsibilities.

How to Find: Search the job boards or contact local medical schools, hospitals, and clinics.


Nursing Internship

Nursing internships are like pre-medical internships only with a nursing focus. Thus, future nurses may shadow a professional in their hope-for career path or investigate different specialties. Possibilities may include hospitals, doctor’s offices, long-term care facilities, nursing homes, or even outreach programs in underserved areas of the world.

How to Find: Search the job boards or contact local nursing schools, hospitals, and nursing homes.


Clinical Lab Internship

Clinical lab interns support research-related tasks usually in a laboratory or university setting. Therefore, they may set up experiments, collect data and/or analyze results. Clinical lab internships are perfect for those interested in pharmaceutical or medical research. However, this role also benefits individuals who plan to work in the field. After all, they’ll gain valuable insights into what goes on behind the scenes.

How to Find: Search the job boards or contact local universities or companies with medical research programs.


Non-Profit Internship

Non-profit internships may encompass any of the experiences listed above, except the intern, would be working at a non-profit organization. This would give them the opportunity to explore both the healthcare field as well as the internal workings of a non-profit business. In addition to medical duties, they also may assist with fundraising, grant writing, outreach programs and training.

How to Find: Contact both national and local non-profit health organizations.


Caregiver / Home Health Aide Positions

Although not technically an internship, caregiver and home health aide positions are a wonderful training ground for future healthcare workers. Plus, these full or part-time roles include a regular paycheck. This is an especially good fit for those wishing to work with elderly and/or disabled populations. As a bonus, many agencies provide free home health aide (HHA) training. And this professional certification is a nice addition to anyone’s resume.

How to Find: Connect with a healthcare staffing agency.


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