Must-Have Skills for Light Industrial Jobs

You’re thinking about working in a factory, plant, or warehouse. So, what qualifications do you need? Here are six must-have skills for light industrial jobs.


Top Skills for Light Industrial Jobs:


Factories, plants, and warehouses need to send orders out on time. Therefore, they must have dependable teams. Top employees show up when they are scheduled and successfully complete their workloads. And if there does happen to be a delay, they let their managers know as soon as possible.



Light industrial settings are chaotic. Usually, there are lots of people managing lots of different projects all at the same time. Thus, businesses need workers who can keep track of things. They are looking for employees who follow directions, pay attention to details and catch potential mistakes.



Often light industrial workers must fill multiple roles. During a given shift, they may need to operate machinery, pack boxes, track orders and record inventory. As a result, employers are hoping for people with a diverse range of talents who also are willing to learn. Any additional skills, including forklift certification, computer experience, or mechanic aptitude, make candidates more valuable.


Problem Solving

Sometimes things go wrong. The best light industrial workers rise to the challenge. Rather than giving up when there’s a problem, they immediately search for solutions. They may be able to resolve an argument, overcome a scheduling conflict or even troubleshoot a broken machine.



A single person can’t run a factory, plant or warehouse. It takes a team. This means light industrial employees must work well with others. They should be willing to collaborate on projects, help out and share credit for successes.


Basic Math

Depending on the industry, a light industrial worker may need to take measurements, solve simple equations, calculate quantities and estimate. If math isn’t your strong suit, don’t worry. You can get better with practice. To jump-start your skillset, check out these mental math tricks.


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