What Is Out-of-Home Respite Care?

Being a long-term caregiver is an exhausting job. And now and again, you need a break. So, what can you do to recharge? Out-of-home respite care may be a good option.

What Is Out-of-Home Respite Care?

As the word “respite” suggests, respite care gives YOU a rest. Your patient or loved one temporarily moves to a facility where trained professionals care for them. Out-of-home respite care ranges from once-a-week adult daycare to extended stays at a nursing home.

What’s the Difference Between Out-of-Home and In-Home Care?

With in-home respite care, a caregiver comes to your patient’s home. This means your loved one doesn’t have to move out of their familiar surroundings. Out-of-home or residential care is more appropriate for individuals who are open to experiencing a change of scenery. However, if your patient requires an elevated level of care, a facility with round-the-clock staffing still may be the better choice.

Why Should I Consider This Option?

Although it’s normal to feel guilty about seeking respite care, recognize that doing everything on your own is impossible. Sometimes you simply can’t fit caregiving into your schedule and other times you need a chance to catch your breath. After all, if you’re physically and mentally drained, you won’t be able to provide quality care. Plus, respite care can be a vacation for your loved one too. They’ll visit different places, meet interesting people and enjoy new activities.

Where Can I Find Out-of-Home Respite Care?

There are several possibilities including:

  • Adult Day Care Centers

    Adult daycare centers are designed for adults who are lonely and/or require supervision throughout their day. These services work best for regularly scheduled respite care. Centers usually operate on weekdays, and they include meals and snacks as well as planned activities. For more information, check out this article on adult day care from AARP.

  • Residential Programs

    Many assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and adult foster care homes offer respite care for varying lengths of time. Out-of-home programs may offer more comprehensive coverage, easier scheduling, and greater peace of mind than in-home options. To find a program in your area, call nearby facilities or connect with a local healthcare staffing agency.

  • Respite Camps

    Respite camps are more common for children and adults with disabilities than for the elderly. Yet, they continue to be a wonderful opportunity for everyone involved. A simple online search for “respite camps in [city, town]” will bring up a list of possibilities in your area.


How Can Anodyne Help?

Anodyne provides both adult foster care and out-of-home respite services throughout Eastern Massachusetts. Whether you’re looking for few days off or extended caretaking coverage, our professionals will match you with the right solution. This gives both you and your loved one the chance to enjoy your time off. Contact us today to learn more!