Understanding Home Care’s Code of Ethics

Many businesses have a Code of Ethics or a Code of Conduct. These codes range from strict rules to simple lists of expectations. To help govern the home healthcare industry, the National Association for Home Care and Hospice (NAHC) adopted an official Code of Ethics in 1982.

What Is the NAHC Code of Ethics?

The NAHC Code of Ethics serves as a guideline to agencies in the following areas:

  • Patient Rights and Responsibilities
    Ultimately, quality care benefits both patients and healthcare agencies. Therefore, agencies should have copies of patient rights prominently displayed. These rights encompass everything from receiving the necessary information to refusing treatment.
  • Relationships to Other Provider Agencies
    Although agencies compete against one another, their primary objective is to serve patients. So, sometimes they must be willing to lose a customer. This especially holds true if an individual would be better off working with another organization.
  • Responsibility to the National Association for Home Care
    Members of NAHC must work together to achieve overreaching industry goals. This requires following bylaws and policies, paying dues, and contributing to the overall organization.
  • Fiscal Responsibilities
    Fiscal responsibilities include billing patients fairly as well as compensating workers competitively. Of course, kickbacks and pay-offs are considered unethical.
  • Marketing and Public Relations
    When advertising their services, agencies should accurately represent their benefits, costs, and capabilities. In addition, NAHC members have a responsibility to educate the public about home care in general. Marketing efforts should extend to the overall industry, not just the agency itself.
  • Personnel
    Agencies must treat their staff well too. They should provide training, supervision, ongoing evaluations, adequate coverage, fair pay, and equitable hiring practices. And just like patients, personnel should be aware of their rights.
  • Violations
    Organizations that violate this code may be subject to disciplinary action, suspension, and/or expulsion from the National Association for Home Care and Hospice.
  • Hearing Process
    If a NAHC member does face allegations of misconduct, the Ethics Committee will hold a hearing. The committee, composed of at least three disinterested parties, may vote to take disciplinary action or to suspend/expel the organization.

How Does This Code of Ethics Apply to Home Care Professionals?

Some of the NAHC regulations don’t apply to single caregivers. For example, most healthcare professionals aren’t involved in creating marketing materials. Nevertheless, individual providers can use these standards to inform and guide their behavior. They can help patients understand their rights. They can cooperate with other agencies to ensure patients receive the best care. And they can work together to guarantee their fellow caregivers are treated fairly and professionally.


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