Where to Find Home Health Aide Training Programs

You’re interested in becoming a home health aide (HHA). You know you’ll need certification. So, where can you find home health aide training programs?

How to Find HHA Training Programs

The easiest place to begin is by searching online for “home health aide training classes near me.” However, be careful. Not all programs are accredited or appropriate for your state. You don’t want to spend money only to discover your certificate isn’t valid. Therefore, before you enroll, call a local medical facility, community college, or healthcare staffing agency. They can advise you as to which courses would be best.

Programs for Massachusetts

To give you an idea of what’s available, here are four options in the Boston area.

  • Online

    Options: Ashworth College
    Online HHA certificates work well for people who need to complete coursework on their own schedule. Also, keep in mind, these programs most likely follow federal standards. Therefore, you may have to complete additional training for your state. You will need a reliable computer/phone and internet connection. Plus, tuition costs range anywhere from $100 to over $1,000.

  • Community Colleges

    Options: Cape Cod Community College, North Shore Community College
    Community colleges may run specific certification programs or include certification as part of college coursework. This training tends to be more comprehensive. For example, Cape Cod Community College’s program is worth 7 credits and certifies participants as a nursing assistant and an HHA. As with online training, costs may be over $1,000. Although some colleges offer a mix of online and classroom learning, start and end dates are set.

  • Medical, Educational & Charitable Organizations

    Options: East Boston Neighborhood Health Center, Massasoit Community College
    Medical, educational and charitable organizations often provide FREE home health aide training as part of community outreach. These programs meet the standards for the state where they are located. This makes it easier for you to get a job in your area. The biggest drawback is scheduling. Training sessions usually have designated start/end dates as well as class times.

  • Health Care Staffing Agencies

    Options: Anodyne Staffing
    Many healthcare staffing agencies also offer FREE training to their employees. Since the agency coordinates these sessions, they will make sure your program meets state, federal and organizational requirements. Sessions still will have set start/end dates. Yet, since agencies train more regularly, they may have more available times and/or courses.

Certification Time Commitments

Minimally, you must complete 75 hours, including 16 hours of clinical training, to earn your HHA certificate. Some states, including New Hampshire and Rhode Island, have more rigorous requirements. Online programs may give you up to a year to finish your coursework. Most in-person/hybrid classes run once or twice a week for three months, while college courses take up to four months.


Are You Looking for Free Home Health Aide Training Programs?

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