Career Advice: Subscribe to Healthcare Newsletters

Are you a medical professional who’s hoping to expand your knowledge and grow your career? Subscribing to healthcare newsletters is a wonderful place to start. Here’s what you need to know.

Why Should I Subscribe to Healthcare Newsletters?

Healthcare newsletters can help you…

  • Stay up to date on recent trends and medical developments
  • Better serve your patients by applying what you’ve learned
  • Have engaging conversations with your peers about new ideas
  • Automatically receive the latest health news in your inbox

What Are Some Popular Healthcare Newsletters?

Axios Vitals
Although American news website Axios has a variety of newsletters, Axios Vitals focuses specifically on medical news. Reporter Caitlin Owens explains healthcare politics, policy, and business in a clear and concise manner. This newsletter runs daily from Monday through Friday.

Healthcare Dive
The Healthcare Dive’s newsletter provides readers with articles on a host of hot healthcare topics. The Daily Dive comes out every Monday through Friday. And if you’d like to dive deeper, they offer weekly Payer and IT newsletters as well.

The Healthy Muse
Advertised as, healthcare news the easy way, The Healthy Muse collects the latest healthcare stories from reputable sources. Subjects include policy developments, notable trends, interesting innovations, and more. Published weekly, this newsletter is an enjoyable 5-minute read.

Transforming Care by The Commonwealth Fund
The Commonwealth Fund is committed to providing affordable, quality healthcare for everyone. Their quarterly newsletter, Transforming Care, highlights new models of care, payment, and patient engagement for the nation’s sickest and most vulnerable. They also publish the International Health News Brief which is a roundup of health policy news from around the world.

As an American health-oriented news website, STAT provides multiple newsletter options. They offer publications covering general healthcare as well as issues on specific topics like biotech and cancer research. You can even choose between daily updates delivered weekday mornings (Morning Rounds) or weekday afternoons (Daily Recap).


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