I Need to Hire Home Care Help, Where Do I Start?

Taking care of an older or disabled person can be extremely difficult. Sometimes, you reach a point where you realize you can’t do this on your own. If you need to hire home care help, here’s where to start.

Steps to Hire Home Care Help

  1. Identify Your Needs

    To begin the process, figure out what you have in mind. Some patients simply need extra assistance with housework while others require round-the-clock medical care. A list is a good place to start. Over the course of a week, record everything you and your family members do. Categories to consider include:

    • Activities of Daily Living: Bathing, toileting, grooming, dressing, eating
    • Health Care: Medications, appointments, in-home medical procedures
    • Household Errands: Cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping
    • Companionship: Conversation, daily activities
  1. Consider Cost

    Most people have a budget. So, think about what you or your loved one can afford. Some options may be more economical than others. For example, a Home Health Aide (HHA) usually charges less than a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). Also, depending on the situation, Medicaid, Medicare, and insurance carriers may cover some or all the costs. Reach out to any applicable providers before making decisions.

  2. Explore the Possibilities

    Now that you have an idea of what you want, you need the right person or people. Begin by searching online for “home health care” or ask for a referral from a local doctor’s office or senior center. In most cases, you have two options. You could either work through an agency or hire someone on your own. Home health care agencies are licensed businesses. They employ health care providers and send them to your home. Therefore, the agency manages employee-related items including tax withholdings and background checks. If you hire someone on your own, then you are the boss. Certainly, there are pros and cons to each scenario.

  3. Do Some Research

    Once you seem to have found a good fit, dig a little deeper. If you’re lending toward an agency, check out their online reviews and talk to people who’ve used their services. You want a company that’s understanding, supportive, and flexible. On the other hand, if you’re hiring someone on your own, you want a person who’s trustworthy and reliable. Thus, you should run a background screening and follow up with their references/previous employers.

  4. Sell the Idea to Your Loved One

    Of course, despite all your best efforts, you loved one may not like this plan. They may argue: “I only want YOU to help,” or “I don’t want a stranger in my home.” So, be gentle. For instance, you could say, “I’ve found a great person. Let’s try this out for a few weeks.” And since personality match is so important, you may even choose to give them a say in whom you hire.


Do You Need to Hire Home Care Help?

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