Medical Jobs Near Boston, MA

Jobs in the medical field are varied. Some require years of advanced education, while others can be done directly out of high school. The one thing they all have in common is working with people who are going through a particularly difficult time with a medical or health condition. Whether hospitalized or at home, medical professionals are needed.

Advancing technology has lengthened people’s lives and increased the potential they may be able to return home after a traumatic accident, exacerbation of a chronic illness, heart attack, or stroke. However, for many, without additional care at home, they may need to live in an assisted care facility. According to several surveys, many elderly fear living in a nursing home more than they do dying.


Medical Professional in Home or Hospitals

Medical professionals, such as respiratory therapists, nurses, and home health aides, offer people the option of living at home and still receive the care they need to live healthily and safely. Boston, Massachusetts, is a city teeming with life. There are always positions open for healthcare workers looking for a new job. Whether you live in Boston or are considering relocating to the capital of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you’ll be able to find a position suited to your needs and skill level.

Positions for home health aides or caregivers are nearly always in demand as the medical care offered in Boston, MA is exceptional. This means more people are going home instead of an extended care facility with additional care needs. Home health aides help our clients with light housekeeping duties, companionship, medications, and some transportation to physician appointments.

The local Boston hospitals also hire per diem respiratory therapists and nurses to help fill their staffing needs. Some have an 8-hour schedule, while others offer 12-hour shifts. Whether you want to work in a hospital or experience the advantages of working more independently in a client’s home, you’ll find Boston has what you’re looking for.


Certifications and Licenses to Work in Boston

Each level of professional care has a different requirement for certification of licensure.  Respiratory therapists and nurses have licensing requirements regulated by Massachusetts. You’ll be able to get the right information to work in the state by contacting the State Department of Health and coordinating with your professional organization.

Anodyne offers home health aides additional training to engage in productive and safe care for your client. Those who are certified nursing assistants will have gone through training and been certified.


You Have Benefits When You Work for Anodyne

Anodyne offers a long list of benefits to work for our agency, including weekly paychecks, sick pay, flexible schedules, health insurance, and paid holidays. If you’re ready to step into a new medical professional role in Boston, call our expert recruiters today! We’ll help you find a position for which you’re qualified and support you every step of the way.