The Holiday Season Is A Great Time to Work For A Staffing Agency

Too often those who are seeking a new job over the holidays will table their efforts until after the first of the year. However, working through a staffing agency gives you the opportunity to test drive different healthcare facilities.


Why Choose to Work For a Staffing Agency?

Anodyne is a staffing agency who matches employees and employers in-home care, health care, and administrative positions. We maintain relationships with employers throughout the Eastern Massachusetts region to make it easier for job seekers to find opportunities that match their skill set. Our recruiters do initial interviews with candidates, as well as background checks and drug testing. This helps the potential employer use the final interview to speak with those who match their needs, as well as help job seekers hone their interview skills and polish their resumes. Our agency also has access to temporary positions that allow you to work for a short trial period of time.


How Does the Hiring Process Work?

During a typical process, you will fill out an application with our agency and a recruiter will get back in touch with you for an initial interview. During that interview, you’ll discuss your skillset and the recruiter will share any open positions that may be available at that time. If you express an interest in one of those, we’ll continue with the paperwork. If nothing is available immediately, we encourage you to stay in touch with us. When new positions open up, we’ll help you through the process.


What Are the Benefits of Working For a Staffing Agency?

In some cases, health care facilities will open job positions up to staffing agencies that they do not otherwise publish. This gives you the opportunity to work in a temporary position over the holiday season and decide if the facility is someplace you’d like to stay permanently. Some jobs are never listed since companies may use a staffing agency to recruit the best people they can find.

In addition to finding great job positions, at Anodyne we also offer excellent benefits to our candidates. These benefits include health insurance, paid holidays, referral bonuses, sick pay and direct deposit for your paychecks. You’ll be paid directly through our agency and we help to confirm your scheduling and offer ongoing training.


What’s the Difference Between Temporary Work and Seasonal Work?

In the healthcare industry, there is no real difference between working as a temporary employee or a seasonal employee. Both are temporary positions and are hired to cover open shifts no matter what time of year they happen. There are a few things you’ll want to remember as you consider the positions that are open.

Remember you don’t have to accept the first position you’re offered. If you don’t feel as if you’re the right fit, then it’s better you wait for the right job to come along. In the healthcare industry, that can happen rather quickly. Generally, hospitals require positions to be filled immediately. In some cases, they may anticipate maternity leave but do not generally higher temps for vacation time.


Are You Ready to Work For Anodyne?

How long it takes to get hired will depend upon the industry needs in our local area and your professional skills. Some professionals enjoy the flexibility and variety of working for a staffing agency full time. We’re happy to accommodate your needs for part-time or full-time work or temporary hire positions. Contact our professional recruiters today and let’s get started finding the right position for you