Now Is a Great Time to Search for a Light Industrial Job

We are quickly approaching the holiday season and companies are beginning to look for employees to fill out the ranks. This is a great time to find a job in the light industrial industry.

What is Light Industrial Work?

Light industrial work is similar to manufacturing or distribution but on a smaller scale. It does not require involved production but typically relies more on human labor and less on machinery. Light industrial work often partially produces materials that are later used to produce larger items purse. For instance, you could be responsible for the end product in product assembly or packaging goods or you may work in food production or assembling automobile parts and home furnishings. People who hold the title of electronic assembler, inventory clerk or quality control tester are part of the light Industrial job market.

Are You a Good Fit to do Light Industrial Work?

If you’re new to manufacturing, it’s important to understand that light industrial work does not necessarily mean easy work. In fact, the work can be physical, and since it doesn’t utilize much machinery, it may be more physically demanding than heavy industrial work. Those who do best in these positions have great attention to detail, are dependable and have the ability to handle small parts and components. While these skills ensure you’re efficient and effective in your position, they also demonstrate to your employer’s they can rely on you to get the job done.

How to Get Seasonal Employment

Seasonal work usually takes place during the summer months and the holidays. For instance, resorts might hire workers for the ski season or the summer spa season. Employers are not always looking to hire people they’ll keep throughout the year but rather for the months when things are busy. Seasonal work during the holidays often starts ramping up in October and may require additional staff through January to finish filling orders or processing returns.


How Can We Help?

At Anodyne, it’s our focus to meet the needs of businesses and employees throughout Eastern Massachusetts. We will work with you whether you’re seeking temporary employment or a permanent position. When you partner with us, we handle most of the paperwork so it’s all in one place and nothing slips through the cracks. Check out our job posting for light industrial jobs in quality control, machine operating and warehouse work.

When you contact our professional recruiters, we’ll get started matching you with open positions in Eastern Massachusetts and helping you to find temporary work. Our screening process helps us to match your skills and experience with companies that are hiring for temporary seasonal work or looking for permanent employees.