5 Reasons to Love Working the Night Shift

Let’s face it, most people do not pick the night shift on purpose. You may have been called a night owl, night walker, graveyard worker or a number of other silly names, but the reality is while there are some negatives to working all night, there are also a number of benefits that may not be obvious. For the newly board-certified nurse, the night shift as part of the territory. However, there are a number of people who voluntarily choose to work the night shift because of the benefits that come along with it. Granted, you won’t find a coffee shop open at the hospital in the middle of the night, and instant coffee does not always do the trick, but the following benefits may just be enough to make the night shift, your shift.


Better pay

When you’re on the night shift, you get a pay differential which increases your hourly rate. Many hospitals tack on a 10% increase and on the weekends, that hourly rate goes even higher.


Less stressful routine

Working in a hospital often means working in chaos and stress. But on the night shift, nurses operate at a slower and more relaxed pace. Many of the patients are sleeping and family members have gone home. As the stress level of caring for patients drops, so does your stress level. Additionally, you have the opportunity to experience one-on-one relationships with patients who may be awake. This gives you the opportunity to understand their situation and provide patient care in a way most nurses appreciate. The more relaxed atmosphere and one-on-one relationship building helps patients in ways that cannot be measured.



Working the night shift usually means less stress and more down time. Many find this is a unique opportunity to further their education, organize their lives or read an informative book. During the night shift, you can also pick up a few of the responsibilities the day shift nurses need to handle in order to lighten their load, always appreciated by those who are struggling to get everything done in a short 8-hour shift.


Your team

There is something about working at night that turns a regular group of people into a team. No matter how badly the shift goes, you know you’re working with a team you can rely on to get through it. And, along with that great team, comes great food. Anytime you get people together, it’s a good excuse for a potluck dinner, breakfast or lunch – depending on what you call the meal you are eating in the middle of the night!


Family time

Especially when you have school-age children, instead of returning home from work when your kids are getting ready for bed, you’re just popping out of bed as they’re getting off the school bus. Suddenly you have all evening to spend with your children, help with their homework and make dinner before you head off to work and they head off to bed. Family time is precious when children are young, and working the night shift can help accommodate your schedule with theirs. Although working the night shift may create havoc with your social life, when you stick to your sleep schedule even on your days off, you can help your mind and body feel normal and still have evening time with family and friends.


Are You Ready for an Adventure?

Some consider the night shift an adventure as you’re able to accomplish more and learn more than you may have time for during the daytime hours in a chaotic and busy hospital. If you’re ready to change jobs, or just try out a new position, contact our professional recruiters at Anodyne and we will help you discover a whole new world of healthcare.