How to Have a Great Experience With a Medical Staffing Agency

When hospitals and facilities need permanent staff or people to fill temporary spots, they often turn to staffing agencies as the process saves them time, money and energy. Staffing agencies can find highly qualified candidates, and depending upon the facility’s situation, hiring temporary employees can help the agency “try before they buy.”

As a staff member, you can work while searching for your dream job, or turn your temporary job into full-time employment. Working with staffing agencies also helps you to build your skills and network of people that can help you grow your career over time. As with all relationships, working with your recruiter requires a little effort.

Developing a strong partnership will help both you and your recruiter be successful. It is important to remember the goal of a healthcare staffing agency is to find a job that makes both you and your future employer happy. In this respect, a recruiter is a little like a matchmaker. Look for a recruiter that specializes in your healthcare area. Talk to friends or professional acquaintances who have used recruiters, and send your resume to any who specialize in your area.

Follow up with them to gauge your rapport before committing to working with one. It’s important to look for someone who is not just a recruiter, but can also coach you and ensure you are the best fit for the position. A recruiter’s job is to get to know you and help uncover your needs and wants beyond what you need to pay your bills.


Develop a Relationship With Your Recruiter

Your recruiter can help you stand out from the crowd and connect you with your dream job. They can help you develop a strong resume, practice your interviewing skills and point you toward opportunities to grow your soft skills that make you attractive to employers.

While you may very well recognize health care is driven by metrics and statistics, it’s also important to recognize your gut instinct, which makes you the best healthcare professional possible. When it comes to choosing your professional recruiting firm, take time to determine how the process feels and how well you connect with your recruiter.

When you trust your gut, you will end up working with a healthcare recruiter who has your best interests in mind and with whom you can develop a professional relationship. Remember, not all recruiters are created equal, even within the same company. Finding the best one for you may be a bit of a challenge. The best way to find someone who will work well with you is to be honest and upfront about your goals. Work with only one recruiter at a time and be forthright about your preferences and requirements. This will keep your recruiter from sending you on interviews you have no intention of accepting, making you and the recruiter look bad.


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