Light Industrial Jobs Near Boston, MA

Light industrial jobs usually require less capital income investment than heavy industry and are more raw material oriented than business oriented. Light industrial jobs often produce small consumer goods for the end user rather than materials used in other industries. Because of this, they usually have less environmental impact than businesses associated with heavy machinery, so zoning laws may be more likely to permit light industrial businesses near residential areas. While manufacturing work uses heavy, bulky raw materials, light manufacturing and light industry will turn out clothing, shoes and consumer electronics.


Zoning codes are used to determine what type of industry or residential communities are allowed. A code may be used to assign a broad category of uses, such as multifamily residential, retail and light industrial. This helps local governments avoid conflicts, such as when one business wants to open an auto manufacturing plant on a residential street. Light industrial work is defined as those that do not create smoke, gas, odor, dust vibrations or bright light that would be offensive across the property line, thus having a minimal effect on the neighborhood.


Local governments can define the type of Industry allowed in a light Industrial zoning code. In some cities boat sales, car washes and exterminators may be allowed, while in others, cemeteries, food processing and government facilities (excluding jails) may be included.


By definition, light industrial work relies more on the labor and less on machinery. The employee may be responsible for assisting with product assembly, packaging goods or preparing them for shipment. Light industrial work also spans several Industries, such as food production, automobile assembly and home furnishings.


If you’re considering work in the light Industrial field, keep in mind that “light” does not mean “easy.” In fact, light industrial work is physical since it doesn’t use much machinery to complete the job. Those working in the light industrial field will need to have good attention to detail, the ability to be flexible, good manual dexterity, reliability and the ability to handle small parts and components. As in any other field, employers are looking for dependable workers who are interested in the position and willing to work.


On the Job Hunt?

At Anodyne, we list jobs in the light industrial field in Boston, Massachusetts. Boston is the capital and most populated city in Massachusetts. The city covers 48 square miles and is the seat of Suffolk County. There are several colleges and universities in the area as well as light Industrial, information technology and biotechnology businesses.

Currently, Anodyne is recruiting for a second shift in Brockton. Qualified applicants will be able to run a forklift and an RF scanner. Positions will require drug testing and prior experience on the second shift.

If you aren’t sure what position is best for your skill set, contact the professional recruiters at Anodyne. We are excited to help you find a job to meet your needs.