Job Search Series: Where to Find Business Admin Jobs

Nearly every business needs a skilled administrator in order to achieve success. When you’re motivated, organized and an independent worker, you’ll thrive in a business environment where knowing how to work efficiently under stress will make you an invaluable asset to the business.

Today there are a number of ways to find a job in business administration. With an overwhelming amount of information online, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of your job search. Before getting started, consider putting together a spreadsheet to keep track of where you send your resume, with whom you’ve spoken and where you have interviewed. This will keep you organized and reduce the potential to mix up one employer for another. There are several productive methods of looking for your next admin position.



LinkedIn is a top professional social networking site 87 percent of recruiters peruse as part of their candidate search. When asked, Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, said authenticity was the most important way to make the best use of the platform. Keep your profile up to date and be sure you have a comprehensive list of your current skills and objectives.

Write a headline that stands out and include your photo and your name. Once finished, it’s important to build a network of people, as this will increase your exposure and access to other connections. Don’t be afraid to ask others for an introduction and be active within the site. Consider posting articles, videos, updates and getting involved with groups. Before going on your next interview, you can also use LinkedIn to research your hiring manager or interviewers to find out more about their likes and interests.


Monster/Indeed and CareerBuilder

Monster has more than a million job posts and has a massive library of career advice. CareerBuilder has more features for candidates with college degrees, while Indeed and Monster cater to younger employees or those fresh out of college. Indeed may be the most all-inclusive posting board as it includes contract positions, summer jobs, volunteer work and work-at-home jobs.


Staffing Agency

Some believe staffing agencies only provide entry-level or temporary jobs, but this is not true. A company pays a staffing agency to find employees, so it’s free for job seekers. The agency interviews potential employees and helps them select the best company to pursue. Staffing agencies do the job searching for you and will let you know if they don’t believe you’ll be a good fit for a company. Most will give you feedback throughout the process, including tips on how to revise your resume or provide advice on how to get through an interview successfully.

As you’re going through the interview process, consider checking out the company on Glassdoor, where you can use their resources to find a job or investigate what others are saying about your potential employer and the salary range you can expect for your position.



Trust Anodyne With Your Career

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